Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Stuck on the past

    So lately I have been going through one of those phases were I sit and reminisce about my life. The good, the bad and the ugly. I have done a lot of stupid, amazing, smart, not so smart, spontaneous, random, things in my life. I have seen and experienced even more things. To me I had the perfect childhood, which started to end around the time I was 16 when family life got more difficult, and then went completely down hill when I turned 18. Around the same time I went through my most "rebelious' stage. My parent's divorce wasn't easy, and it's still not. But a lot of great learning experiences came out of it. I am a much stronger person today because of all the things I have gone through. And they are things I will teach my children.

Anyway...... the thought I had was we live many lives within our one life. We go through different "characters" of people but always have the same core. We have all changed our skin depending on the crowd we are with. We have all sinned and hopefully repented. Life never stops. Learning never stops. Time never stops. And we never stop. Though there are times where it feels like we can't go another day, it doesn't matter. Time doesn't listen to us, it keeps moving and we just have to do the same. One of my favorite sayings is "when life gets to hard to stand, kneel". God loves us, I know he does. I would be lost without him. But that post is for another day.

Don't focus on the past or the future. Like the old turtle said in Kung Fu Panda "The past is history, the future is a mystery but today is a gift, thats why its called the present." I need to listen to my own advice I know. But I am working on that. All I can do right now is enjoy this moment and not worry about the past or future.

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  1. Shay! I really needed a wake up call also! And I thank you for posting this so I too can get back to where I was! I knew I always liked you! Follow my blog also! :)