Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Last night mama free

Well in 24 hours I will be in the hospital. Tomorrow I go in at 7:30 pm and they are gonna give me a pill to make my cervix start to do what its supposed to do.. dilate. But for some odd reason my cervix doesn't know how to do that by itself... Then hopefully I will start to get contractions and go into labour on my own. And if I don't then first thing Friday morning they will give me pitocin mm joy. Which I am praying I wont have to get because I heard that it makes your labour a million times worse. Blah.

Anywayyyyy.. I decided to cook dinner tonight and clean a little. It's weird to me that this is the last night in my house of being pregnant and mom free. I am getting all Payton's things ready. Making sure her basinet is all good to go, and her clothes are all clean and folded. As I sit here I look down at my big belly thinking how weird it's going to be not to have it anymore. In the weirdest way I have become so attached to it. It literally freaks me out at the thought of not having it anymore. But I am SO excited.

I wont write a ton, I have done my far share of blogging today. I just was thinking about how crazy it is that this is my last night home without a baby (well a baby not inside my big buddah belly).

Wish me luck tomorrow :)

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  1. Good luck with everything! Pitocin didn't make my labor any worse. It actually went so so fast && i always only had to push for 20 mins. My doctor didn't even make it in the room, the nurses delivered her. Best of luck to you!